Curb Teenage Suicide Rates and Social Media Addiction with Parental Internet Monitoring Software

With the booming popularity of smartphones, almost every teen has a smartphone that they could never live without. Along with this, a rise in teenage suicide rates thus the need for parental control monitoring software. These frightening statistics have raised red flags for parents of teenagers who are wary of their mental health. As much as mobile phones and the Internet a blessing for convenience of communication, it has a curse that goes along with it – social media addiction and teenage suicide.

Parents would often wonder how to keep their children safe and mentally healthy. With the virtual world literally in their children’s hands, they are vulnerable to its countless dangers.  Social Media has become an avenue for teenagers to vent out their emotions. Their happiness is equivalent to the number of likes they get on the things they have shared or posted. With their heightened emotions during puberty, they can easily get affected or depressed of petty things in social media and the only solution they know is to end their lives.

So how can they be safe? Most parents would talk to their children about the addiction to social media, but with teenagers being withdrawn and secretive, there are ways to keep them safe other than talking. Spy apps are now available in the market for parents to utilize. These apps will enable them to have access to their teen’s phones and monitor their activities. Among the spy software out there, we recommend the best Auto Forward Spy.

What can Phone Monitoring Apps Do?

Phone tracker apps such as Auto Forward Spy can be your “eagle eyes” in watching your teenager’s phone activities. Auto Forward spy can give you access to your text messages, calls, and GPS locations and many more.

What’s best is that you can monitor all applications installed on the device especially social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. These are the sites frequently used by teenagers. You will virtually see what they are posting, photos and videos they share and who they are messaging with.

To reduce their screen time, you can remotely block or uninstall these apps. This could help teenagers focus more on their studies and even get enough sleep.

Legal Implications of Phone Tracker Apps

During teenage years are the times when your child is most susceptible to addiction with one of the roots of evil, social media. The right education and proper guidance are a must but monitoring your child may be your next option when it comes to their safety on social media. It is not illegal to use phone tracker apps as long as you will use it to monitor your own child. It might be best for you to tell them that you are monitoring their phone activities online so that you could talk it out and reach a compromise on how far your monitoring will go. Also, set limits and boundaries on your child’s social media activities – to monitor them is one thing, to discipline them is another.

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