The Best Sports Console Games

Playing console games is a favorite of many gamers. Those that are looking for a sports game are in luck, because games that include football, soccer, basketball, or any sport or best-played on a console. From FIFA to Madden, to NBA 2K, there are sports games on the Xbox One or PS4 no matter what sport someone prefers.

There are a lot of games out there for consoles, but sports games are some of the ones that get released year after year as rosters change and graphics improve. From franchise modes to online multiplayer, there are a lot of reasons to get excited about sports games. Now it’s time to count down the list of the top sports games heading into 2017.

The Top Sports Games of 2017

NHL 17

NHL 17 presents a revamped franchise mode, as well as the return of the semi-pro difficulty that makes it much better for newer players that may not be as familiar with hockey. Goalies are much more competent in the higher difficulties, each with a unique stance. Defense also plays a bigger role, and big defenders use their large reach to defend the goal. The franchise mode took a few bumps from Madden and 2K, with a new owner mode that gives players the chance to oversee every detail of the franchise.

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K has become one of the most exciting sports-game franchises. It features a variety of game modes, including MyCareer and blacktop that add to the overall feel of the game. 2KU mode gives users an introduction to the game and its mechanics. MyCareer gives players the chance to take on the role of a single NBA player after they customize his look, position, and skillset. They then follow the player through the end of college and start his NBA career, earning a better ranking through rebounds, assists, and points scored.

The blacktop mode is one of the most exciting, with games ranging from 1 on 1 to 5 on 5, and users get to customize the players playing on each team. Online mode features a blacktop-like game where the user gets to play with their player from MyCareer mode.

Madden NFL 17

This year’s installment into the Madden franchise offers great commentary and a few weeks to game play and controls that make it more realistic. One new feature in the Franchise mode is Play the Moments, which allows the user to play only the more important moments throughout the game, such as the first drive, 3rd and 4th downs, and red zone offense or defense. It makes a franchise go quicker while giving the user more control over the results of the game.

The controls are more in-depth for Madden 17 as well, although the gist of them is the same. An appropriate addition is the added difficulty in receivers of making spectacular catches. If the defender is in good position and makes a good play on the ball it’s a lot harder for a receiver to end up with a catch, with the rare instance in which Odell Beckham Jr. or Dez Bryant makes a one-hander.


FIFA 17 has a mode like My Career from NBA2K. It’s called The Journey, and the user follows the career of a player who is trying to make a name for himself in the Premiere League. FIFA is one of the most popular sports games out there thanks to the popularity of the game of soccer worldwide. It’s game mechanics have improved as well, although the A.I.’s tendency to play keep away with the ball can get annoying at times.

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