Block Inappropriate Online Content Using Parental App Monitoring Software

Our children can freely connect with anyone on the internet, be it family, friends or a stranger, which is why it is important that we install an Android or iPhone monitoring software to keep our kids safe from dangerous and inappropriate content online. This is because there are millions of websites whose owners and administrators are from around the world, with literally billions of pages available for viewing.

Out of all these web pages, it is unavoidable that a percentage of them will contain content inappropriate for children. It may be a small percentage but with pages numbering in the billions, there are thousands upon thousands of pages which should not be viewed by any kid. Yes, many of these websites have been updated with safety features for the purpose of keeping children out but they can only do so much in the face of a determined kid, or an accidental click of mouse button.

So how do we keep children away from all the inappropriate content in the web? Here are some of the ways to do that:

  • Check the browser history of the device. Doing so lets you see what your kids have been up to while they are on the web. You will see which sites they visited, and if they’re sites they shouldn’t have. If they continue to go into these sites even if you say no, then it’s time for you to block these websites. However, this method has a chink in its armor. The history can be deleted or the child can use a browser that does not display web history.
  • Turn on SafeSearch for Google. This will help filter out the websites that will be on the search results when your kid posts a search. This way, they won’t get to be exposed to adult-oriented sites that may be in the SERPs. However, this can also be turned off by the child so it is only effective for those who don’t know how to turn it off.
  • Use child-friendly versions of apps. There are apps that can be installed on a kid’s phone that has a kid-friendly version. Examples are YouTube and Facebook Messenger. They have features that keep only age-appropriate videos in searches and children can safely message other people.

The best option is to use phone monitoring apps. They can access the browser history of the phone even if it is deleted, can block children from going into certain websites or categories of websites, and can monitor all the activities the child did on the phone. Powerful monitoring apps like Auto Forward Spy can even access call logs and messaging apps to make sure that your kids aren’t doing anything inappropriate or dangerous when they are talking to other people.

At the end of the day, it’s all about child safety. And there should be no compromises when it comes to keeping them safe and secure. Using Auto Forward Spy can definitely help you become a better digital parent by keeping you on top of things. Learn more about what the app does by visiting our website right now!

Employees Should Know They Will Be Monitored by the Best iPhone Monitoring Software

Business owners will always want to monitor their employees’ company cell phone with free spy app, and without the target phone too. It might sound a bit shady but it is completely legal. And it can give business owners plenty of insight into their company’s current situation. This can give them a lot of time and information to help them come up with better decisions.

Be Careful with Implementing Your Monitoring Project.

As with all policies that businesses have implemented, employers need to be very careful with implementing their decision to monitor employees else it will blow up in their faces. But proper preparation and implementation can make a company grow by leaps and bounds.

Why Monitoring is Important for a Company’s Growth.

A lot of studies have suggested that employees are more focused on the task at hand if they are aware that their progress is being monitored. It helps when employees know that their every activity is being tracked since they will be deterred from using time-wasting apps to waste 2 to 4 hours of company time each day. This kind of time wasting costs the business around $20,000 per employee every year.

Also, having digital monitoring in the office virtually secures the data that the company has. Powerful cell phone monitoring apps, such as Auto Forward Spy, tracks all incoming and outgoing emails, texts and IMs from all company phones connected to the user. If there are anomalous communications from an employee, the app would be able to detect it and warn the user before any serious damage can be done.

We have confirmed that monitoring is essential for all businesses. Let us now discuss the things employers should do before they actually implement the monitoring project.

You Should Have Specific Goals in Mind.

Before business owners set up employee monitoring, they should have a clear and definable goal for the monitoring process. They should specify the reason for the monitoring and what processes will be monitored. They should also be proactively forthright with the employees as to the methodology of the monitoring campaign, as well as the tools to be used, the type of data to be collected and what the company will do with the data. Being honest with the employees will assuage their fears about their jobs so they can remain confident and focused.

Personal Use Should Be Restricted and Have Specific Rules.

If the employees have free rein over their use of the internet, there may be times when the company would be in trouble. For example, a person with a condition may search for something on the web and this would be part of that person’s web history. If the history shows that the person has an illness that should be protected health information, then the company is in danger of violating HIPAA rules. It would get in even more trouble if the information leaked out and the whole office would know. This is why monitoring and setting specific rules on internet use can save a company.

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How to Use The Best Parental Monitoring Software

Parental monitoring app software is now one of the most common tools used by parents to observe their kid’s activities when they are using mobile cell phones, computers, laptops, and other devices. This is not just to restrict or limit their kid’s usage of mobile phones or access to the internet, but more importantly, to protect their children from the possible dangers when they are on the internet or when they are spending their time on their mobile phones.

Parental monitoring software is the tool parents use as a defense against predators that are proliferating in the internet and mobile phones being used by your kids. Parents have to take action and by using these software applications, they can set their minds at ease that they are monitoring their kids, especially in this digital age.

Best Features of Monitoring Applications

Data Notifications

Your kid’s use of smart devices or phones can often lead them to encounter inappropriate content and predators on the internet. This could also happen while they are on their phones. These are the kinds of dangers parents worry about because these things could have adverse effects on their kid’s mind and behavior. Let’s face it. Working parents are not with their kids all the time. To protect their kids from these digital threats, advance data notifications are the answer. Through this feature, parents can be warned or notified of what is happening with their kids, giving them the time for counteraction.

Blocking of Inappropriate Content

Children are naturally inquisitive and just the same with the internet, they roam around sites not knowing which sites are suitable for their age and which are not. This could lead them to visit sites with mature content. Inappropriate content that promotes sexual implications are inappropriate for and can be very harmful to children. Protect your kids by filtering or blocking these sites.

Time Management

Too much screen-time on the internet or usage of smart phones and other devices could affect your children in many ways. For one, when children use mobile phones past their bedtime, they are not getting the amount of sleep that they should have. This could affect their concentration and focus with their school work. This could also affect their health and in the long run, could be a worrisome thing for parents. To avoid this from happening you can limit the time of your children’s use of their smart devices.

GPS Tracking

With the parents’ busy schedules, there are times that we lose track of the whereabouts of our children. Or in other cases, children do wander to other places after their school time, which often gives parents splitting headaches when they go looking for their kids. These things can be avoided as monitoring apps can track the location of the target device. The likelihood that your kid’s location is where the target device is at is very high. Aside from the benefit of knowing your children’s location, the monitoring apps also allows you to know if they’re in places where they should not be. If this happens, you can immediately go to their location and remove your children from the place.

Monitoring applications are very important to parents in protecting their children in this digital age. But parents should also understand that they need to explain to their kids why they are doing this. They should be honest in telling their kids the reasons for their actions.

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Digital Safety Starts With a Proven Parental Monitoring Software for Cell Phones

There’s a fine line that parents must tiptoe between getting a parental app or monitoring software for your child’s safety and pulling back because of respect for the bounds of privacy. Modern technology presents parents with a serious challenge in the fact that there are more dangers for the modern child than ever. With almost all kids owning, or at least having access to, a mobile device like a smart phone or a tablet, it is much tougher to track who they spend time with on the phone or what they do while they are accessing the internet.

It is almost an inevitability that kids will gravitate towards the nearest mobile device and use it. So we think that it would be best just to leave them to their own devices (see what I did there?) and find something that we can spend our time on instead of observing how they interact with what’s on the internet and with other people? It is with great emphasis that I say “NO!” We don’t want to leave them alone with their phones with all of those dangers surrounding them. This isn’t about invading their privacy anymore. We need to protect them from all the people and things that they might see, hear or interact with that can do them harm.

Here are some of the reasons why having a parental monitoring app help parents with observing their kids’ activities while they are on their phones.

Harassment while they are Online.

This kind of harassment can occur almost anywhere on the web, from social media platforms, to email to websites that kids frequent. It is a big concern considering the number of people using the internet and the bullying and harassment can come from anyone and from anywhere at any time. The sad truth about this is not many kids would even have the sense to tell their parents and the parents wouldn’t even know unless they are monitoring their kids’ online activities. There might be telltale physical and emotional signs but these can be passed off as just fatigue or other illnesses. It’s time parents take a proactive approach on these things and get a reliable monitoring app like Auto Forward Spy.

Inappropriate or Dangerous Behavior.

This might be more common than most parents thought. No parent would want to think that their children engage in drinking, doing drugs, sexting or posting inappropriate content on social media sites. They wouldn’t be sure though. For that they would need the help of a powerful monitoring app that can access social media, pull up web histories and display all incoming and outgoing messages sent and received by the phone. This is the best shot that they have in detecting and stopping these kinds of behavior.

Still, there are plenty of benefits that parents will be able to get out of monitoring apps. But for it to be effective, you need the most powerful and reliable monitoring app you can find, Auto Forward Spy. It can access almost the entire phone so you can effectively monitor your kid and keep her away from harm. Visit our site right now to learn more!